Our Water

Food safety and customer satisfaction are of the upmost importance to us. Our water is filtered through various treatment processes such as silica sand filtering, active carbon filtering and softener filtering before being passed through a reverse osmosis filtration process to purify our water. The water is subsequently processed through ultraviolet (UV) and ozone treatments before being filled into the various packaging.

Our water is compliant with ISO 22000 : 2018 - Food safety Management Systems and Ministry of Health requirements. We ensure that our products are of the highest level of saftey and quality in all process.

Bottled Water

    • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a light-weight packaging, suitable for businesses looking for agile but durable packaged product. We provide a diverse range of size design with customised labelling.

    • Sizes range from 250ml to 1500ml with multiple designs available.

    • We also offer generic brands for customers looking for a quick turnaround between design to delivery.

Gallon Bottled Water

    • Polycarbonate (PC) is a highly shatter-resistant, transparent packaging for long lasting usage. PC gallon bottles can withstand high heat, allowing them to be reused after thorough desanitisation and refilling.

    • This option is suitable for customers looking for a long-term water storage, perfect for Home or Office environments.

Tetra Pak Water

    • As part of our sustainability efforts, we have partnered with Tetra Pak to offer plastic-free alternatives for our customers. We can offer greener options such as Tetra Pak’s Tetra Prisma® Asceptic packaging.

    • Paperboard in the packages come from FSC™ Forest Stewardship Council™ certified forests and other controlled sources. Coupled with bio-based caps made from non food substance derivative of sugar cane, we are able to deliver products made from renewable and/or recycled materials.

    • Avenues for recycling Tetra Pak packaging are available depending on customer requirements.

Canned Water

    • For third quarter of 2022, we shall be launching a new line of product - water packed in aluminium cans, as part of our efforts to further reduce usage of plastic.

    • Aluminium cans have a higher recycling rate with more recyclable content. Most of all, aluminium cans are able to be recycled over multiple cycles in a circular and closed loop while conserving on critical natural resources.

Cup Water

    • Customers looking for affordable options of large volume quantity have the option of PET cup-water, available at 230ml, with customisable labelling

Glass Water

    • A new addition to our product offering - Glass, is in the pipeline. Stay tuned!